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Technical Translation

Most industries have become highly specialised and have a language or jargon of their own. This can be a real challenge for any translator, and it is impossible for any one translator to know enough about each industry. It is not enough for the translator to simply pick up a technical reference book to achieve total accuracy.

At Enigma Translation we carefully select a language translation translator who is qualified in the source language and a native speaker of the target language. They must also have extensive experience in the specific chosen area. The following are areas we have worked within.









Information Technology,

Hardware, software,


Data processing

Control systems,

Plastics and polymers.

We also keep on file a customer database of terminologies, so that as we work with you on future projects we don’t have to keep on reinventing the wheel, and there is a consistency throughout your documents.

Complex translations of Tender documents can also be undertaken, including the annotations of drawings and flow charts. With Enigma Translation we choose the most suitable translator for the subject matter, as this ensures that you get an accurate and professional translation every time.