Court interpreters in the spotlight

There has been growing press coverage concerning the declining standards of interpretation in the UK court system recently.  This follows the implementation of a new system which sees Applied Language Solutions providing translation and interpreting services to agencies across the criminal justice system.  The Ministry of Justice agreed the 5 year contract with ALS back in August 2011 and it began in February this year.  It’s hoped the new central service will save £18m a year of the current £60m interpreting budget.

As with any new system there seem to be a few teething problems, which the ALS is trying to iron out.

Bad press
The Law Society Gazette reports it has received numerous allegations from solicitors about problems with the system and that some interpreters provided by ALS have not been sufficiently competent.

Interpreting servicesOne report told of how a clerk at Ipswich Magistrates’ Court resorted to using Google Translate when a Lithuanian language interpreter couldn’t be sourced by the service.  Other reports of the ALS not being able to provide interpreters have also been received by Mike Jones, Chair of the Criminal Law Solicitors Association.  He told the Gazette that incidents in Sevenoaks, Colchester, Leeds, London, Kent, Lincolnshire and Sheffield had been reported to him.

According to an online survey by CrimeLine (an education and training provider) completed by 80 lawyers and judges, 56% of cases had a no-show from interpreters between 12-16th March.  However, there has been a slight improvement since with only 4 in 10 cases affected by a no-show from an interpreter between 16-20th April.

The Gazette also reports the collapse of a four-day burglary trial at a London Crown Court was due to a mistake made by a Romanian language interpreter.  The interpreter incorrectly translated that the defendant had allegedly been ‘bitten’ instead of ‘beaten’.

Some good news
During this period of transition courts have been told they can temporarily book short-notice interpreters using the previous system.  However, this is probably of little consolation to the people who have already been affected by the system’s failing.

Here to help
At Enigma Translation we provide professional interpreters for individuals as well as businesses and can help with communication in legal situations.  This could be at a court hearing, a tribunal, a solicitors meeting or when dealing with the police.

We can also ensure that our professional interpreters will observe your need for confidentiality and remain impartial, whatever the situation.

Of course it’s not just legal scenarios we can help you with, in fact any scenario where there is a language barrier and interpretation is required our interpreters can assist you.  We offer consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation and whispered interpretation.

Don’t rely on computer software or gimmicky websites to decipher languages in crucial situations, choose the personal touch of a professional interpreter.  Give the Enigma Translation office a call on +44 (0) 1604 750799 or get in touch via email or Facebook.

Helping solicitors with translation

At Enigma Translation we provide legal translation and certification of documents for solicitors on a regular basis.  We also provide interpreters for solicitor-client scenarios too. 

Supporting solicitors
In the legal world solicitors are often faced with correspondence, legal papers and certificates in different languages and to ensure accuracy and avoid misinterpretation, they call on the help of professional translators.  They know all too well the legal repercussions that can ensue from a badly translated document.

Legal translationTranslators provide translation certification for legal documentation including: Powers of attorney, Affidavits, Prenuptial agreements, Wills, Deed Poll and Deeds of ownership.  For injury claims, immigration and emigration applications, Police clearance documents and witness statements that are acceptable for use in court and at tribunals.  Also for certificates including: birth, adoption, marriage, divorce and death as well as documentation generated by buying property here or abroad.

Why choose us for legal translation?
Enigma Translation’s professional translators have extensive legal experience and specialist knowledge of the legal systems they are translating to and from.  Pair this with their linguistic abilities – native speakers of the target language and qualified in the source language – and your legal translations are in safe hands.

Our full time translators can usually complete around 2,500 words a day which are double checked by our full time proof-readers.  They can usually proof-read an impressive 1,000 words an hour, ensuring your translated documentation is accurate and available when you need it.

Our translators have a minimum of 5 years translating experience and can provide translation of 114 languages.  They are well practised in legal translation concerning Civil law, Commercial law, Criminal law, International law, Property law, Employment law as well as Probate and Family law.

Translation certification
As certification requirements differ from country to country, we can provide translation certification as required by certain authorities and governmental bodies.

Why choose our interpreters?
Enigma Translation’s professional interpreters can aid you in communication with your client and other parties on behalf of your client.  They can help put your client at ease just by conversing with them in their native tongue – something familiar in an unfamiliar situation which may be confusing, stressful and scary. 

Our interpreters are invaluable for face-to-face meetings, telephone liaison and courtroom scenarios with your client.

Fast turnaround
We offer a same day translation service and our interpreters can be available at short notice for legal situations that just can’t wait, providing you and your client with much needed language support.

If you think our translation service would be a welcome addition to your legal team, give us a call on +44 (01604) 750 799 or email us with details of how we can help you.

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Hire a professional interpreter

Did you know we offer an interpretation service as well as a translation service here at Enigma Translation?

What interpretation services are available?
Generally there are three main types of interpretation services: consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation and whispered interpretation.

Professional interpreterIn layman’s terms, consecutive interpreting requires the interpreter to listen to the person speaking in the source language before delivering the vocal translation in the target language.  The conversation happens in segments allowing the information to be vocally translated in manageable portions.

Simultaneous interpreting however requires the interpreter to deliver the vocal translation in the target language whilst the speaker of the source language is still talking.  The interpretation happens in real time.

Whispered interpreting is a form of simultaneous interpreting used for small groups of people who don’t understand the source language amongst a larger group of people who do.  The vocal translation is literally whispered or delivered in a quiet voice alongside the source language conversation.

How can an Enigma interpreter help you?
Our professional interpreters have expertise in many specialist areas including: Legal, Medical, Financial, Technical and Marketing.  You can see the full list on our website.

This means not only are our interpreters fluent in the source language you need help understanding, but can vocally translate into the target language with expert knowledge of the terminology and practices used in that field.

Help in legal situations
For instance you may need an interpreter with you for a solicitors meeting, a day in court, at a tribunal or help with police matters.  Or with an estate agent or solicitor when buying or selling a property overseas.

Help in medical situations
For peace of mind in what can already be a stressful situation; our medical interpreters can help you understand your diagnosis and further treatments and procedures that may be required.  For instance, a consultation with your dentist, your doctor or at the hospital, in fact any medical scenario you might find yourself in.

Helping individuals
We can provide a professional interpreter for any type of meeting you have, perhaps with your employer or manager.  We recently provided interpretation services for Primark and one of their Czech employees.  Or perhaps you’d like an interpreter on hand during a job interview to ensure you understand the procedure and any tricky questions that arise.

Helping businesses
A professional interpreter can be a great support in meetings with overseas clients here or abroad.  Not only will they keep the channels of communication open, but their familiarity with business and cultural etiquette will help you avoid any business or social faux pas. 

In whatever area you require our interpretation services our professional interpreters will observe your need for confidentiality and remain impartial.

Professional interpreters at the ready
Our professional interpreters are well versed in bridging the communication gap in over 114 languages and help both businesses and individuals, often at short notice.  So if you find yourself urgently needing our help, give the Enigma Translation office a call on +44 (0) 1604 750799 or on our mobile +44 07930326698.

You can also get in contact via email or Facebook.