The different languages Enigma can translate

If you’re an avid reader of our blog you’ll know that Enigma Translation’s professional translators are able to translate over 114 different languages.  But do you know exactly which languages those are?

The familiar ones
Our global network of over 2,000 professional translators cover a multitude of widely used languages across the world.  From European languages including the Romance group of French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian and Catalan, to the languages of Asia: Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Malay to name but a few.

Translation servicesBut not just…
Of those familiar languages we also translate variations.  For instance when we say we translate Chinese that also includes Cantonese, Mandarin and Putonghua.  Of the Norwegian language we are also equipped to translate Bokmol, Nynorsk and Riksmal.

The same language can also be spoken in different countries resulting in more variations.  The French language differs in Africa, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland and Luxembourg.  The German spoken in Austria and Switzerland is different to the German spoken in Germany.  With Portuguese translation we can translate the African and Brazilian variations too.  And with Spanish, the Latin American variants as well.

The not so familiar ones
Our professional linguists can also translate less familiar languages listed here:

Basque – or Euskara spoken in the Basque Country in Spain located on the French-Spanish border in the western Pyrenees

Belarusian – belongs to the Slavic group of languages and is spoken in Belarus but also in Russia, Ukraine and Poland

Dari – belongs to the Indo-Iranian group of languages and is spoken in Afghanistan along with Pashto

Faroese – belongs to the Insular Nordic language group and is spoken in the Faroe Islands and also by Faroese people in Denmark

Farsi and Persian – both spoken in Iran

Galician – belongs to the Romance language group and is spoken by the Galicia people of north west Spain

Gujarati – belongs to the Indo-Aryan language group and is spoken in Gujarat State on the west coast of India

Hebrew – modern Hebrew is predominantly spoken in Israel

Lingala – is a Bantu language spoken in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo

Tamil – belongs to the Dravidian language group and is spoken in southern India, Sri Lanka and Singapore

You can find a complete list of the languages we can translate on the Enigma Translation website or contact us if it’s not listed as we may still be able to help you.  Whether your translation needs are for business or for a personal matter, we speak your language.

Get in touch by calling us on +44 (01604) 750 799 or by email and of course you can find us on Facebook.

Italian translation

In international business document translation is essential. It can mean the difference between communicating with other countries and building successful business relationships and remaining confined to a limited amount of customers and clients.

Here at Enigma Translation our Italian translators are able to offer a wide range of services. There are many different things to consider when translating a document into Italian or any other language for that matter.  Also, knowing what you require from your language translator is important.  

Language change

Languages can change over time. Much like the English language, the Italian language has new words and phrases all the time. It is important to use a language translator who is fully aware of the changes in their native language, just like our Italian translators here at Enigma


Our translators offer advice. If they think that something doesn’t make sense or feel the need to inform you of an important matter then they will. Finding the right person for language translation is vital and that is why all of our Italian translators are carefully chosen. 

Subject area

Every subject or area of business uses its own terminology. That is why we employ language translators who have their own area of expertise, from financial to medical and legal to pharmaceutical, we have a specialised Italian language translator for all your business needs. 


We understand that our clients often have pressing needs. Or that your clients are expecting something fast. That is why we can turn projects around as fast as you need them. Sometimes even in 24 hours. 

So why not request a free online quote today? To find out more simply go to our website. You can also find us on Facebook